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Chenming Fan

Engineers' Week Chair
Chenming Fan
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The Publicity Committee Chair creates all SEC promotional materials and promotes all SEC events to the Virginia Tech engineering student body while constantly looking to expand the public's knowledge of the SEC. The Publicity Committee Chair has the responsibility to manage the SEC Brand Guidelines and collaborate with engineering organizations to publicize events.


B.S. Aerspace and Ocean Engineering '24; Minors: Computer Science, Mathematics, and Physics

SEC History:

2021-22 Publicity Chair

2020-21 Freshman Leadership Board Member


Chen is from Fairfax, Virginia and came to Virginia Tech as an aerospace engineering student with an interest in space and system control by pursuing computer science, math, and physics. Chen is involved with two rocketry design teams that targets on a year long project developing experiences while working on an undergraduate research project focused on position, navigation, and time situational awareness. Chen enjoys weight lifting, basketball, table tennis, poetry, lofi music, and anything to do with chill and relax.