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Marcelina Krowinska

President Emeritus
Marcelina Krowinska


The SEC president oversees our fourteen-member Executive Board, manages 300+ corporate relationships, and serves as the organization's external representative by acting as our spokesperson and facilitating relationships across the University. The SEC president is responsible for ensuring that the organization is working toward our mission and upholding our four pillars: professionalism, philanthropy, representation, and social.


B.S. Computer Science ’24 with a Minor in Finance

SEC History

2022-23 Awards & Scholarships Chair


Marcelina is from Westfield, New Jersey and came to Virginia Tech to pursue her passion for STEM. Professionally, she seeks out opportunities that allow her to explore the interconnectedness of technology, finance, science, and related fields. Outside of school, Marcelina finds joy in swimming, music, reading, staying active, and hopes to travel the world.