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Rosy Deilke

2023 Engineering Exposition Chair


The Expo Chair is responsible for directing all aspects of the Engineering Exposition at Virginia Tech. The goals of the Expo Chair are to continuously improve and grow the Virginia Tech Engineering Expo. This is done through recruiting companies, preparing and maintaining company registration, preparing student volunteers, providing meals for company representatives, overseeing interviews, and coordinating transportation from parking lots and select hotels to all Expo locations. The Expo Chair also fulfills duties as an SEC Executive Board member.


B.S. Construction Engineering and Management '26


Rosy is from the Bay Area in California and came to Virginia Tech in hopes of broadening her educational experiences while pursuing an engineering degree. Alongside her degree, she has become part of the Student Engineers' Council's Freshman Leadership Board and immersed herself in developing her engineering skills and relationships through the Hypatia Living Learning Program. She has previous experience with planning and budgeting through various high school and community programs. In her free time, she enjoys staying active as a weightlifter and member of the club swim team.