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The Student Engineers' Council (SEC) is a student-led organization that is devoted to serving the College of Engineering. We help foster a professional and social network for students across all engineering disciplines by organizing events such as Engineering Exposition, the Leadership and Engagement Series, and E-Week which will be headlined by the second annual Engineers' Ball this year. We also work to facilitate communication between the Dean of the College of Engineering and the student body through various outreach initiatives. Ultimately, our mission is to provide students with the tools and opportunities they need to succeed, both in and out of the classroom since 1958. 

10,000+   Undergraduate Engineering Students Represented

$300,000+   In Annual Giving to the College of Engineering

80+   Engineering Student Organizations Involved

300+   Corporate Partners Connected with Students

SEC Leadership

The Executive Board of the Student Engineers' Council (SEC) at Virginia Tech is tirelessly devoted to serving the Virginia Tech College of Engineering.

Executive Board 2021-22

Philanthropic Efforts

The SEC is devoted to the betterment of the College of Engineering at Virginia Tech. Through numerous endowment funds, scholarships, and awards totalling over 300k+ annually.

Tony handing an award
SEC Plaques

Engineering Exposition (Expo)

The annual Engineering Exposition (Expo) provides an opportunity for employers to connect with VT Engineering students and provide more information on the positions they need to fill. It is the second largest student-run career fair in the country, largest at Virginia Tech. Employers usually have internships, co-op positions, and full-time jobs they are looking to have filled.

Expo 2021
Matt at 2021 Expo

Engineers' Week (E-Week)

Engineer's Week, commonly referred to as E-Week, is a series of events and activities that the SEC hosts for the engineers here at Virginia Tech. The week is designed to provide an environment where students can have fun and interact with students from every engineering discipline. It is also an opportunity for our dedicated and talented design teams to show off their skills and accomplishments through fun competitions throughout the week. Some of the main E-Week components are detailed below.

Bad-Axe 2022
Escape Room 2022

Engineers' Ball (E-Ball)

The Student Engineers' Council at Virginia Tech was proud to host the first annual Engineers Ball (E-Ball). This marquee event is the culmination of Engineers' Week and showcases SEC award recipients as well as the winners of the E-Week Competition. Students can buy tickets, bring dates or friends, and have a night to celebrate their community and create memories with their peers. 

Hokie Bird Posing with E-Week Winners
Friends at E-Ball