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Engineers' Week

Engineers' Week 2023

Compete, Win Prizes, & Celebrate Engineering

Axe throwing at Blaxburg

OVERVIEW — What is E-Week?

SEC Engineer's Week, commonly referred to as E-Week, recognizes the contributions to society that engineers make. At Virginia Tech, The Student Engineers' Council (SEC) celebrates E-Week with a series of games and events designed to provide an environment where students can have fun and interact with students from every engineering discipline. It is also an opportunity for our dedicated and talented design teams to show off their skills and accomplishments through fun competitions throughout the week.

National Engineers' Week 2023 will take place at Virginia Tech from February 20-25, 2023.

WHATS'S AT STAKE — Cash Prizes, E-Ball Tickets, & More!

1st Place: $1,000   |   2nd Place: $500   |   3rd Place: $250

GAMES & EVENTS — 02/20-25 @ 7pm

Trivia Night — Monday @ Maroon Door
Talent Show — Tuesday @ Lyric Theatre
"Shoot for the Stars" — Wednesday
Casino Night — Thursday @ Owens Ballroom
Amazing Race — Friday
E-Ball 2023 — Saturday @ German Club Manor

HOW TO WIN — Rules & Guidelines

Questions / Concerns?

Please feel free to reach out to the SEC's E-Week Chair, Chen Fan (, with your questions.