E-Week will be held from March 25th through March 29th. Please contact the E-week Chair, Matt Genberg (mgenberg@vt.edu) if you have any questions!

*NOTE* This schedule is from the 2019 E-week. Check back later for the updated schedule.
Monday, March 25 Tuesday, March 26 Wednesday, March 27 Thursday, March 28 Friday, March 29

Amazing Race Time TBD

Various exec members will be set up across campus where teams will be given clues via social media platforms in order to find the locations of the members as well as a question in order to be asked.

Design Team Competition Goodwin Hall 7-9 PM

Design Teams will participate in various design competitions planned by the Student Engineers' Council.

Design Team Showcase 12PM-3PM on the Drillfield

Design teams set up booths on the drillfield to showcase their work and to talk to prospective students. There was a mechanical bull and an obstacle course set up to kickoff the E-week.

Trivia at TOTS TOTS 7-9 PM

Students mingled with members of design teams and the Students Engineers' Council and participated in fun trivia. Food was provided and trivia winners took prizes home!

Freshman Committee Event & Secret Puzzle Race Time TBD

Event planned by the Freshman Committee for the Student Engineers' Council. Check back later for more information!