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Expo 2022

SEC Sponsorships

The SEC places a high value on all employers who elect to become a sponsor of the Expo; your sponsorship supports our philanthropic and community development efforts. 
All SEC sponsorships include a booth at the Engineering Expo, at least four attendees, and time with VT Engineering Students!


First tier in sponsoring the SEC, increases company visibility with students.

4 Attendees
Standard Booth Location
Standard Promotion
Student Interaction Analytics


Secure a prime location, benefit from enhanced promotion and increased access to student data.

8 Attendees
Priority Booth Location
Moderate Promotion
Advanced Student Reports


Broadens company representation to additional events and multi-platform publicity.

Custom Attendees
Premier Booth Location
High Promotion
Advanced Student Reports


Highest tier, fully customizable and tailorable to company needs.

Custom Attendees
Custom Booth Arrangement
Custom Booth Location
Title Sponsor
Advanced Student Reports

Basic Expo Attendance

Basic Expo Attendance includes two attendees and one booth. Click here to register.

Compare Plans

View full details of what each package includes. Click here to view details.

Building Community

Over 1300 students engaged in SEC organized events, celebrations, and opportunities outside of Expo

Anoushka & Ryan Talking to Class of 2026

Students Serving Students

Every year, the SEC gives $300,000+ to design teams, engineering organizations, and engineering faculty in the form of different funds, grants, awards, & scholarships!

Design Team Pano