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Resume Resources

Resume Resources

Review and pick some of the skills below to start expanding your qualifications. Some are just ideas to get you started. If you get stuck, the internet will be your friend when finding further resources (hint: Google it).

General Resources

  • Coursera ( Offers a wide range of computer science courses from top universities and institutions.
  • edX ( Provides computer science courses from renowned universities, often for free.
  • Udemy ( Offers a vast library of computer science courses on various topics at affordable prices.
  • Linkedin Learning ( Paid (30-day free trial) but offers a good variety of professional development resources
  • MIT OpenCourseWare ( Offers Engineeing and Science Related Courses 

Soft skills are vital interpersonal qualities that facilitate effective communication, teamwork, and personal development. Comparable to a strong foundation in any field, these skills empower individuals to navigate diverse situations with confidence, making a positive impact both personally and professionally.

LinkedIn Learning (free trial, cost of course $34.99)

In this course, learn the basic tenets of systems thinking, a more sophisticated way of looking at problems and organizing your thoughts. Instructor Derek Cabrera—a Cornell University professor specializing in systems thinking—lays out what systems thinking is, why it’s valuable, and how to do it. Learn all about the power of mapping in systems thinking and get examples of its real-life applications. ($7.50/month)

Toastmasters International is a nonprofit educational organization that teaches public speaking and leadership skills through a worldwide network of clubs. Headquartered in Englewood, Colo., the organization's membership exceeds 300,000 in more than 15,800 clubs in 149 countries. Since 1924, Toastmasters International has helped people from diverse backgrounds become more confident speakers, communicators, and leaders.

VT Rosetta Stone Access: Rosetta Stone -- VT

  • Planning: Notion (free indivdual plan when email is used)
  • Pomo­doro timer: Flow (free)

Computer Science and Engineering Resources

  • Stack Overflow ( A question-and-answer platform where you can find solutions to programming problems and participate in discussions.
  • GitHub ( A code hosting platform that allows collaboration on projects and provides opportunities to contribute to open-source projects.
  • Mozilla Developer Network Web Docs:

Python is an increasingly popular programming language that can be used for various applications including website development, data science, and scripting. 

Javascript is a programming language that serves as one of the core technologies for the world wide web. Knowledge of this language is necessary to work on many website development projects.

Git is software for tracking changes in any set of files, usually used for coordinating work among programmers collaboratively developing source code during software development. Knowledge of this tool will help you work on software in teams.

Linux is an open source operating system that is used on the vast majority of servers. Comfort with Linux and the terminal will give you increased knowledge of how a computer actually works and prepare you to work on enterprise software teams.

Data reduction is the goal of any experiment. It is the transformation of numerical or alphabetical digital information derived empirically or experimentally into a corrected, ordered, and simplified form.

  • OpenFOAM (Free open-source computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software for simulating fluid flows):

Develop Your Skills 

You can get a one month free trial if you haven’t signed up for LinkedIn learning before.

If you are a paid university employee (research, organization, etc.) you must complete Title IX training.

Get started with Solidworks

Many Virginia Tech professional organizations give scholarships to students for Lean/Six Sigma

Best way to reach out is by connecting with professionals on LinkedIn

SEC LinkedIn

Virginia Tech professional honor societies


AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner


Google Cloud -- Foundational certification


CompTIA Security+


These two courses introduce IT professionals to the skills, tools, and knowledge they need to deploy Apple devices and support + troubleshoot Apple devices inside an organization.