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Resume Checklist

Empty Resume?

Review and pick some of the skills below to start expanding your qualifications.

Resume Outline

  • Your resume should be a single page with the most important attributes about you. 
  • There is no one way to write a resume, everything here should serve as a guide to help create your own resume. 
  • Resumes exist as dynamic documents, changing and updating as you develop. It can begin as simple as a Google Doc. Have a friend/parent proofread over it for clarity and typos when you're done.


In this section, include your degree, major, university name, graduation year, and GPA (if applicable). If you have relevant coursework or academic projects, highlight them to showcase your skills and knowledge.  

  • Bachelors of Science...
  • "B.S. General Engineering" or "B.S. Computer Science General Engineering Student"
  • "Virginia Tech" or "Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University"
  • Graduation year
  • GPA
  • Interests? Coursework?

Experience (Most Important)

  • Include iternships, employment experiences, club involvement, etc.
  • Highlight your achievements and demonstrate measurable results by using metrics in your descriptions. For example, instead of simply stating responsibilities, quantify them to provide a clearer picture. For instance, you can mention managing a team of 50 members or increasing performance by 20%.
  • Highlight Soft and Technical Skills
    • Make it versatile
    • Show your work ethic and achievements


  • Check job postings at your favorite company (or positions you are applying to), include all skills that you posses from the listing
    • Find keywords from the job listing
    • Sought skills
    • Check multiple listings across platforms or similar jobs (could be within the compay ) if having trouble finding skills
    • Relevant coursework is just a filler, replace when you have more substance
  • Need to build more technical or soft skills? Click here to start expanding your qualifications.

Differentiate Yourself

  • Know your competition (check LinkedIn, Network with employees who hold the position currently)
  • Some ideas...
    • Directed Passion (make it obvious what you are passionate about)
    • Hobbies, Volunteering, Unique Experiences, Extracurricular Activities, Personal Projects
    • Soft skills
  • LinkedIn is the extended resume - include a link on your profile
  • You have 5-10 seconds to stand out with your uniqueness. Make sure to include and emphasize any eye catchers:
    • Security Clearances or Special Work Authorization
    • GPA
    • Double Majors or Minors
    • Languages
  • Summary: Highlight your skills – uniqueness – passion – goals

Professional Language

  • Avoid complete sentences
  • Use ‘Big words’
    • Authorship, ownership, independence and collaboration, RESPONSIBILITY
  • Use words from the Job description - Look at sample job listings
  • Can there be acronyms? (Usually avoid)

Done? Already have a Resume?

Review the checklist to make sure you hit all the points.


The PDF version Resume Checklist is also available via the above link. Seeking Resume Feedback? Share your PDF with us using the form below, and our team will provide valuable insights and suggestions to enhance your resume. Submission form will be online soon.  

The "F" Format

Keep the "F" Format in mind when creating your resume. With the titles on the left, each arm on the F is an experience / role / item .

Recruiters may only spend 5-10 seconds looking at your resume so make sure to include the most important information in the yellow areas.

LinkedIn - "The Extended Resume"

A LinkedIn profile can be a great, interactive supplement to your traditional one-page resume. Check out this training we recorded in 2020 about how to make an effective LinkedIn profile. 

Purpose of the Resume

Your Resume is aimed at showcasing your qualifications, skills, and relevant experience to an employer, interviewer, or internship coordinator. A resume aims at marketing yourself as a qualified candidate in the typical 5-10 seconds employers review resumes. A well-crafted resume aims at creating a strong impression and can open the doors to exciting opportunities for your academic and professional journey!