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Big Contribution (BC)

Big Contribution (BC)

$50k annually


The Big Contribution grant is intended to support faculty-led projects in the Virginia Tech College of Engineering. Any College of Engineering faculty member may apply and grant funding can be used to support research (extra consideration will be given to projects involving undergraduate student researchers) or academic programs. The Big Contribution is given to faculty and staff to support research and other projects in the College of Engineering, totaling $50,000 each year. In the past, SEC has funded research on cyborgs, contributed to the 4-axis mill in the Ware Lab, and provided funds for accelerometers in Goodwin Hall.


Funding is not intended to support student organizations that a faculty member advises. Those groups are encouraged to apply for the EOF or LNF funds. Applications are due March 24th and interviews will be March 28th from 6:30-8:30 pm.