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Policies and Procedure

Step 1: Check Eligibility Requirements

  1. Check your organization's, team's, or department's eligibility.
  2. Ensure that your line items are in line with SEC policy.

Step 2: Apply for Funding During an Open Cycle Period

Keep up to date with the SEC GAM Listserv for notifications as to application deadlines and details. Follow the instructions listed in the application and reach out to the Director of Philanthropy with any questions.

Step 3: Once funds are allocated, buy the approved items.

You will be contacted with results of your application. Then you may buy the approved item(s), ensuring to save your receipts.

Step 4: Submit a Reimbursement Request

SEC will then process that reimbursement request. Receipts must be provided for every reimbursement submission. Make sure that the amount you request to be reimbursed is equal to or less than that of the receipt total. If your receipts have multiple line items and you only need to be reimbursed for certain ones, please do your best to indicate the specific items. You will be notified via email once your reimbursement request has been approved.

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Step 3: Pick Up Your Check

You will be contacted with results of your application. If approved, your funds will be available for pickup at the SEC Office during SEC Office Hours.

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