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Olivia Scioscia

Director of Finance
Olivia Scioscia


The SEC Director of Finance oversees the finances of the organization, this includes administering the general operating funds of the SEC, managing Virginia Tech endowments that are under the purview of the SEC Executive Board, financial and business planning for the Engineering Expo, and other corporate sponsorships, as well as preparing the annual SEC budget. The DOF has the responsibility to ensure that the organization is working toward our long-term financial goals and is able to uphold our commitments to the College of Engineering.


B.S. Biomedical Engineering '26

SEC History

2023-24 Director of Relations
2022-23 First-Year Experience Committee Member


Olivia is from Long Island, New York, and came to Virginia Tech to pursue her passion for Biomedical Engineering and STEM. Academically, Olivia is interested in medical devices, robotics, and biomechanics. She also serves as a mentor for the CEED peer mentor program. Outside of her professional life, Olivia enjoys cooking, watching movies, and traveling.