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awards and scholarships


The Awards & Scholarships Committee consists of a select group of alumni and university faculty chosen to award deserving students and faculty in the College of Engineering. Each year, award winners are recognized at an Awards Banquet held by the SEC. This committee is not open for students to join.


  • General Item
    SEC Scholarship

    $10k to 3 students ($30k total). Recurring annual scholarship awarded to Pell Grant eligible student each year.

  • General Item
    Torgersen Leadership Scholarship

    $2k to 2 students ($4k total). Supporting student leaders within the College of Engineering.

  • General Item
    Gebreyes Service Scholarship

    $2k to 2 students ($4k total). Supporting students who exhibit great service, on or off campus.

  • General Item
    Watford Inclusion Scholarship

    $1k to 4 students ($4k total). Supporting students who work to make their communities a more inclusive place. Newly endowed this year with a $100k initial gift to the College of Engineering.



Please reach out to our Awards & Scholarships Chair with any questions concerning awards & scholarships.